At Spirit Printing Services, Inc., "Sustainable living" isn't just an option - it's essential. Sure, we could probably enjoy higher profit margins if we didn't do things like purchase renewable wind energy or use non-toxic inks. But quite honestly, it's not worth it. Why gather a few extra nickels and dimes at the expense of our planet? Our award-winning Green Essential’s program not only helps us take better care of the earth, it also affords our clients the opportunity to do the same. Owner Thomas Ackerman has spent years building our sustainable program. Below are just a few of the reasons we are one of the "the most sustainable" printers in the country:

  • Use many chlorine-free papers. Throughout the 20th century chlorine was the chemical of choice for bleaching paper products. Over the years it became clear that chlorine-bleaching paper mills emit toxic chemicals, including dioxins, lead, and mercury. Once these toxins are "disposed" of, they end up in our rivers and lakes, where they poison our water supplies and food sources.
  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle. With today's technology recycling is a no-brainer. Why not use things more than once if it's just as easy as consuming more of the earth's resources? We recycle 100% of our high-grade aluminum press plates, and up to 90% of our paper waste and trimmings. In addition, we offer a large stock of recycled paper products.
  • We use low and NO volatile organic compound (VOC) inks. In plain terms this means that our inks have an organic base rather than chemical, like the difference between soy and petroleum.
  • We relocated our facility. Recognizing that many of our employees had significant commutes, we moved our office to a location that was much closer to where they live. If we don't have to drive as far to work, we use less gas, generate less pollution, and save a whole lot of time!

Read our case study by Bureau Veritas on Sustainable Printing.


Leading environmental groups believe in us.

We are proud to have won a 2008 Earth Award, and most recently won the inaugural Thought Leader Award from the What They Think Environmental Innovation Awards. The competition recognizes businesses that go "beyond certification." Spirit Graphics and Printing, Inc. was selected from a pool of other printing and design companies throughout North America, and designated the 2009 Thought Leader amongst printing companies.

We are participants  in Chula Vista's Clean Business Program. This means that we meet or exceed the program's standards of pollution prevention, solid waste reduction, and water/energy conservation.  

We have also won the Prestigious Coolcaliforina Award. The California Air Resources Board, in partnershipwith several other organizations, proudly announces the 1st annual small business award winners. The award recognizessmall, California businesses (under 100 employees) that have demonstrated leadership and madenotable,voluntary achievements towards reducingtheir climate impact.